Join Us

Always forward, never back

--Saint Junipero Serra

If you're an active catholic in the Seattle area and feel called to assist in supporting vocations, join us. The more members we have, the more prayers and hands we'll have to promote the work of the church in our area. You'll find membership inspiring, enriching--and enjoyable.

How do I join?
Request an application from any Seattle Serra officer or member. Or click the file button below to download a copy. Then just fill out the application and send it to us via email.

Or send us an email requesting an application, and we will send it to you.


Can I join if I belong to other Catholic organizations?
Of course. Most of our members belong to one or more other great Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, Crozier Society, Legion of Mary, Saint Vincent de Paul, Order of Malta, and Knights of the Holy Sepulcher.